Friday, December 10, 2010

wiersz na dzisiaj

Leszek Chudzinski
For Basho
* * *
Like a wild bamboo
I sleep alongside your travels
waiting for the sound of you feet

* * *
I'm that little frog
that jumped into your poem
and made a big splash

* * *
I am your garden
where you have dwelled all these years
sprouting words each spring

* * *
I'm the raven
the white page of your poem
the face of the moon

* * *
I'm a butterfly
that one day crossed the ocean
to play in your garden

I’m a cherry tree
Stars fall asleep in my hair
Fireflies and wind


  1. "Stars fall asleep in my hair". Such a beautiful line that brings with it such beautiful images.

  2. Thank you, Matisse.
    I love that line too; it came to me in a dream.